Welcome to TRG’s MAX Value Program! You can get all the information here on the site about this amazing Repairs/Upgrades Program for Real Estate Sellers needing a helping hand in order to get the highest possible profit out of their real estate assets!



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Teixeira Realty Group wants our clients to get the most value out of their homes as possible when trying to sell. In order for a home to reach it’s maximum value it may need a few aesthetic repairs or upgrades. This can often be too expensive or time consuming for homeowners to do themselves, which is where our Max Value Program could assist you in the listing process. For those that qualify through our Max Value Program, Teixeira Realty Group can assist our clients with the following in order to get the most value out of their home at closing:

  • Replace dirty, torn, or damaged flooring
  • Repaint/Repair walls
  • Update light fixtures/ceiling fans
  • Upgrade counter tops
  • Replace Blinds
  • Other necessary upgrades

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